Our practitioners offer a range of services to support your health outcomes. Including ITA energy Medicine, Naturopathy and Dietician support. 

ITA is a comprehensive system of energy medicine developed by Melaney Ryan.


Through ITA sequences, we are able to activate and balance key connection points between the energetic and physical bodies. This restores a balanced flow of energy throughout the multilayered human system and activates our innate self-healing functions. 

ITA Energy Medicine

The aim of naturopathy is to treat the cause of imbalance within a patient using wholistic methods of healthcare. Treatment modalities and tools of a naturopath include:

  • herbal medicine,

  • wholefood nutrition,

  • nutritional supplementation, and

  • lifestyle advice.


Dietitians help people to understand the relationship between food and health.

At CANH we are most interested between how a person relates to food and imbalances stored within the energy systems that impact disordered eating. 



The Centre of Alignment & Natural Health is situated in the inner northern suburbs of

Perth, Western Australia.



Suite 3, 46 Angove st,

North Perth, 6006 WA.

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The Centre of Alignment & Natural Health wishes to acknowledge the custodians of this land, the Wadjuk (Perth region) people of the Nyoongar nation and their Elders past, present and future. Centre of Alignment & Natural Health acknowledges and respects their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this city and this region.

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