Laura Shearwood

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ITA Practitioner & Naturopath; Director of CANH

Laura's unique combination of modalities came about with Laura recognising the power of the ITA sequences and how they complemented her naturopathy practice.

Treatments are appropriate for anyone wanting to achieve a higher level of wellness. However the style of consultation has proven to be particularly useful in the support of:

  • Stress

  • Sleep disturbances and insomnia

  • Imbalanced mental health (such as anxiety or depression)

  • Exhaustion, adrenal fatigue and burnout.

Nikki Cosby


ITA Practitioner

Nikki decided to study and then offer the clinical practice of ITA after experiencing significant improvement in her own health and wellbeing as a client of ITA.  She has also seen immense benefits to the wellbeing of her own children, who also receive regular alignments.

Nikki loves the opportunity to work with anyone wishing to bring more balance, improved health and a deeper awareness to their lives; her style of consultation is particularly helpful to support :

  • Women managing fertility issues

  • People suffering with burnout or emotional challenges

  • Parents and carers of children with behavioural issues

  • People who put others’ needs before themselves and want to reclaim self-nurturing.

Radi Mills


ITA Practitioner & Dietician

Radi’s holistic approach to nutrition led to the combination of ITA Energy Medicine, as together they nurture the mind, body and spirit of an individual in supporting their wellness goals.

It's through her own life experiences of loss and birth that has developed a sincere respect for the cycles of life, each held in love. ITA brings immense support to these phases such as:

  • Pregnancy (Antenatal and Postpartum)

  • Palliative and Carers support

  • Self-love (balancing lower emotions of anxiety, depression and disconnect).


The Centre of Alignment & Natural Health is situated in the inner northern suburbs of

Perth, Western Australia.



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