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ITA Energetic Self-Care Course

The ITA Energetic Self Care course can transform your day to day experience into a form of mindful practice, allowing you to continue to give at a high level without losing yourself or becoming overly depleted.  


residual stress from your body


your energy reserves


to your natural energetic centre


at a high level without the expense of the self

'Once you know how to build, regenerate and transform energy, the effects can be felt at a deep level by everyone you are connected to.

- Melaney Ryan 

Woman feet on the green grass in morning

On completing the program you will be equipped with simple exercises to work into your day with ease. Each exercise can be practiced on it’s own as you need it, or joined together into a fluid 10-15 minute sequence.  


The ITA energetic self-care program details the theory behind and offers simple, powerful techniques to help you...

  • Clear residual stress from the body.

  • Build your reserves of energy.

  • Locate and hold your natural energetic centre.

  • Release limiting emotional responses to stress.

  • Carry Love and Compassion in all interactions.

  • Create space for the welfare of the self as well as others in all exchanges. 

  • To give at a high level without losing the self.

*Developed by the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness, run by a licensed facilitator

Course Testimonials

I have been having regular ITA treatments this year which have been extremely beneficial and then recently did the ITA energetic self-care course. Laura is an intelligent and passionate teacher who embodies the work herself, she creates a warm and collaborative learning environment where you can learn, experience and discuss the self-care exercises. I am so grateful for this course and Laura’s articulate and warm delivery of it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to learn simple, easy to incorporate techniques which can reduce stress and enhance your holistic wellbeing. Thank you Laura!

- Leonie, Perth

Presented over 3 x 1.5 hour workshops.

Held in the North Perth area or brought to your group or organisation.

Cost is $150 per person.

Email for dates, to register your interest and for any further information. 

Course Details

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