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Radi Mills

Radi is an Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) Practitioner and qualified Dietitian.


Transformation unfolds when we are able to remain present in softening, feeling and wholeheartedly opening into the fullness of self and loved ones. This releases us into our expanded energy field, awakening the reunification of pure love. Through practice we learn to stay with this feeling and coordinate the essence of our true nature. 


"We are one. We are unified. We stand in pure love" - Melaney Ryan


As a devoted mother, wife and passionate Mahat Meditator, Radi understands how important it is to support the mind, body and soul (energy) in reclaiming our true essence and creative expression.


It's through her own life experiences of loss and birth that has developed a sincere respect for the cycles of life, each held in love.

With a background in Dietetics, Radi understands the importance of good nutrition as part of a balanced lifestyle. In supporting clients health goals, Radi’s holistic approach means not only supporting the physical body, but also the energy systems (that are fuelling the body) and the mind (which interrelates between the two).  

This is achieved with ITA Energy Medicine as it strengthens our intuition to see, feel and know ourselves at a deeper level, lifting the veil of lower emotions (responsible for poor health choices).


Through regular ITA alignments and the consistent practice of ITA self-care exercises, greater awareness and definition of our energetic pathways (and how they interconnect with the physical) are established.

Radi feels passionate about working together with:


  • Pregnancy (Antenatal and Postpartum)

  • Palliative and Carers support

  • Self-love, awareness and connection (balancing lower emotions of anxiety, depression and disconnect)

Dietitian Support

Where applicable or requested, our Dietitian Radi will provide nutrition support incorporated in the clients homecare. This is to assist with individual health goals and facilitate the integration of each ITA alignment.

These include:

  • Balanced Eating Support

  • Satiety & Mindfulness

  • Wholefood Recipe Rotations

  • Assisting Health conditions such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Digestive Disorders, Weight Loss/Gain, and Pregnancy (Antenatal and Postpartum)

Healthy Food

Consults (90 minutes) incorporate discussion and treatment (ITA alignment) on massage table followed by specific ITA exercises given as homecare. 


Qualifications & Association

Bachelor of science (Nutrition) & Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics 

ITA Energy Medicine (Tier 1,2 & 3) - Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness

Member (Vice President) of ITA Energy Medicine Association


For bookings - email, or phone 0432 174 069


A typical consultation with Radi 

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