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Nikki Cosby

Nikki is a qualified Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) practitioner and passionate Mahat Meditator.


Nikki feels her role is to listen and nurture, and each appointment is individualised in order to best assist her clients’ needs.

Typically, some discussion is had at the beginning and/or end of the session which includes the ITA alignment. Each session is followed up with homecare including relevant breathing exercises and targeted mindwork, which all help to further integrate the alignment.


For bookings – email, or phone 0427 576 329

Consults are 60 - 90 minutes and the exchange is $120.


After delving deeply into self-discovery for over 20 years, Nikki felt she had ‘come home’ after experiencing dramatic improvement within her own life with regular ITA treatments. She decided to share the magic by studying the modality and offering it to others as a way to deepen their self-awareness, improve their vitality and bring a lasting sense of peace and integration to their physical and energetic systems.


Nikki also has two children who have regular ITA treatments, and she has noticed significant improvement in their anxiety levels, a deepening awareness of their sense of self, and an ability to better self-regulate any strong emotions.


As a parent of a neurodiverse child, Nikki is very passionate about supporting other parents and carers who may experience life a little differently and who face many emotional challenges. She has discovered that by consistently strengthening her own energy systems she is better able to manage life’s curveballs, and to be a more capable support to her family.


A typical consultation with Nikki 

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